Regular maintenance is the best way to ensure that your vehicle stays in excellent condition. However, things can go wrong at any time. This is why it can be beneficial to keep an eye out for some common vehicle warning signs so that you can be well prepared. However, if you are unsure of anything, don’t hesitate to contact us for experienced and friendly towing in Lafayette IN.

While modern cars have made it a lot easier to spot any issues your car may have, these lights and indicators can be a little confusing. In this blog, we list 10 of the most important vehicle warning signs to look out for so that you are well prepared in case something ever goes wrong.

How to check car warning lights?

When you turn on your car, pay close attention to your dashboard. In most cases, a light would turn on and flash to let you know that something is wrong. These lights will flash orange or red and will blink to get your attention.

These symbols can look different from car to car, so refer to your car’s owner’s manual for the proper label for each of these warning lights. However, if you are confused and are not sure of what this means, don’t panic. Just give us a call for expert towing in Lafayette IN. We can help you figure out whatever issue you may be experiencing and even give your vehicle a tow if that’s necessary to prevent any further damage.

8 Vehicle Warning Signs to Look Out for:

1. Check Engine Light

The most important indicator to look out for on your dash is the check engine light. While the symbol itself may differ from car to car, be sure to check with your owner’s manual so that you are aware of this light whenever it may flash. This indicator lets you know that something is not working properly within your car’s power unit and that you should reach out for assistance as soon as you can. It’s best to be on the safe side and call a trustworthy company that specializes in towing in Lafayette IN.

2. Grinding Sounds from the Brakes

If you hear any unusual noises when you hit the brakes, this can be a sign that something is wrong. This should never be overlooked as it can lead to serious safety issues if something is wrong with your vehicles breaks. Drive carefully and slowly to get assistance or call for roadside assistance to be on the safer side of things.

3. The Battery Light

If your battery is running low, the battery indicator light will start to flash and light up in either yellow or red. This isn’t a huge issue, but you should consider replacing your car’s battery soon to avoid ever getting stuck.

4. Steering Lock

A steering lock is an automatic safety feature to avoid people from stealing your vehicle. However, if something goes wrong, this safety feature could be disabled. If this light comes on, be sure to get the system maintained or repaired as soon as possible.

5. Master Warning Light

The master warning light is one indicator that you should never ignore. This can be a signal that there may be a fuel system leak, a broken fuel pump, or a broken fuel line. This symbol will flash in either yellow or red to get your attention. It is advised that you drive your car carefully to immediately get help or call for roadside assistance to be on the safer side of things.

6. Any Unusual Smells

While this isn’t as simple as a light, look out for any unusual smells that may be coming from your car. These smells could come from the engine, exhaust, or even through the air conditioning system of the car. If you smell anything out of the ordinary, never ignore it. Reach out to us for roadside assistance and towing in Lafayette IN.

7. ABS (Anti-Lock Brake System) Light

Most modern cars come with an ABS braking system. This is a complicated system that helps prevent your car from locking up whenever you hit the brakes. While this is a great safety feature, it can sometimes malfunction. When this happens, the ABS light will flash on your dash. Look out for this light and contact us as soon as it appears.

8. Low Fuel Indicator

This light is one of the most common signs to look out for. This light will typically be near your fuel indicator and will generally start to glow when you are low on fuel or when you start to use reserve fuel. While you may still have enough fuel to drive to a nearby gas station, you can reach out to us for roadside assistance. In addition to towing in Lafayette IN, we will gladly come out to you and help you fill up some gas if you are ever stuck.

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