While the need for roadside assistance can come up at any time, for those who need towing in Lafayette, Indiana – or anywhere else, really – you may have noticed that Spring can be surprisingly wrought with incidents and mishaps that require a towing company’s help.

Winter is a hectic and very busy time for those who tow, but once the weather outside is less frightful, the roads might not be so delightful for a driver after all.

But why is this?

Let’s look at and go over the key factors together – you might be surprised about spring-time towing in Lafayette, Indiana, or any other fine city.

Clearer Road Conditions Equals More Drivers

No one likes to drive in the snow or during the wintertime unless necessary – so it should come as no surprise when, inversely, you’ll find far more vehicles on the road during Spring as opposed to any ice-slicked roads on a chilly, snowy day in the winter.

Whenever road conditions clear as the season transitions from Winter into Spring, motorists will want to get back to driving right away, which means an increase in traffic with the growing flow of automobiles.

With such a growth in the presence of other drivers, this increases the potential for accidental fender-benders while on the road – meaning you may, for instance, roadside assistance or towing in Lafayette, Indiana.

Of course, more than just a collision can occur with the increased number of drivers and passengers driving down the roads – anyone can find themselves with a flat tire or two, less fuel than they believed they had, or even stuck in some manner.

The Effect Winter Has On Your Ride

Cold temperatures, harsh and extreme conditions, freezing rains, sleet – all this and more can have a detrimental impact on your vehicle’s health whether you have to drive to any of your essential stops or just leave the car in the garage or parked outside.

One of the most prominent examples of the negative results of such cold exposure and the condition of your car’s components is the battery – exposure to a lower temperature during the season can shorten the lifespan of batteries.

Tires and tire pressure are also impacted by constant fluctuations in temperature from the changing of seasons – you might find your wheels not as full of air as they should be when the transition to Spring begins.

Or, in worse cases, tires may find themselves prone to blowing out when they’ve experienced fluctuating temperature changes.

With the decrease in tire pressure, roll resistance increases – and with this increase, handling and gas mileage are both equally affected.

Essential fluids – such as your oil, transmission fluid, and even antifreeze – can move less efficiently through your vehicle during the winter. And once Spring hits, some of the fluids may also be vulnerable to evaporating and requiring an early refill.

Bearing these sorts of examples in mind, it should be known that these conditions may not even rear their nasty heads until the Spring – after which, you may need to call for towing in Lafayette, Indiana, or wherever you may have broken down at.

No Preparation Beforehand

We’re all human – there are things we each have unintentionally forgotten in our daily lives that can cause inconveniences for us if it were essential. This is no different in the case of vehicular preparations when dealing with the differences brought by each season.

As mentioned earlier, the number of drivers on the roads in the Spring compared to during Winter is a vast difference. Once conditions clear up between these two periods of time, each of us may have certain checks and tests slip our minds when examining our rides.

There’s no shame in the event of forgetfulness, although it is always best to check everything before departing on your trip – roadside assistance and towing businesses do not discriminate against any valid reasons for requiring their assistance.

Regardless, it is never in bad form to go over a few general points in regards to your car to see if you should get it serviced sooner rather than later.

Spring Break Strikes

Spring Break is considered one of the busiest times for travel throughout the year – a time when students either head home or vacation across the country when enjoying a reprieve from school for its duration.

Companies that provide roadside assistance and towing in Lafayette, Indiana, or elsewhere may find themselves dispatched out on calls from students who broke down either in a new or much older vehicle.

Even students require help now and then with the roadside assistance necessities when a trip gets interrupted – be it from a blown-out tire, a mechanical failure such as with an ignition switch or alternator, or needing a winch-out.

Of course, there may be a few of those students who are less than responsible – and in those irresponsible moments can occur careless accidents and mishaps.

But again, most in the roadside assistance business do not discriminate or judge those who are in genuine need of assistance if they’re left stranded.

Conclusions and Summarizing

We’ve covered quite a few details when comparing Winter roadside assistance and Spring roadside assistance business factors which hopefully sheds light on what to look out for in your vehicles to ensure consistency in its longevity and general performance.

To summarize what we’ve discussed:

Once we see roads thaw out and clear up, we’ll encounter far more people on the road in the Spring.
The cold season can cause wear and tear, tribulations to test for, and leave a lingering impression of those chillier days on crucial components during the move to Spring Time.

Forgetfulness and being ill-prepared may be more likely to occur during that transitory time period of these two seasons – people can easily have a check of their fluid and tire PSI levels go to the back of their minds and not realize until it’s too late.

When the students and party-goers begin their exodus on their break, business picks up for local service providers as they keep themselves available to both locals and those passing through whose car broken down for any previously discussed reason.

In the end, while there are many busy periods throughout the year for tow companies across the country, Spring can be full of surprises for anyone on the road.

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